To transfer your Opus Domini files with a Mac. (Recommended)

1. Open Opus Domini on your Mac.

2. From the top menu look for the export menu.

3. Export your Daily Tasks, Master Tasks & Daily Notes.

6. You will have created 3 .csv files with your data

7. Open Opus One for Mac.

8. Look for the import button from the Top Menu.

9. Select the appropriate csv file for the type of data to be imported.

To transfer your Opus Domini files to Opus One without a Mac, please follow this steps.

1. Open Opus Domini on iOS. 

2. Press the settings button.

3. Select Help & Support

4. Click on Mail Support.

5. Send mail to

if you can't open Opus Domini, please do the following:

If you cannot open Opus Domini, you can get the files connecting your iPhone to iTunes. In Itunes, select your iPhone, and then File Sharing, look for Opus Domini and export the files. Send the files to 

6. Once we have converted your files, you will receive 3 .csv files with your data.

7. Move the .csv files to your iCloud documents.

8. Open Opus One for iOS

9. Open settings.

10. Select Import Data.

11. Follow the steps and select the appropriate csv file from your iCloud folder.