Follow this steps to activate your subscription in all of your devices.

If you intend to use your subscription between multiple platforms (OSX & iOS) please do the following 3 steps, otherwise you can skip this part.

1. Verify you are logged in into iCloud in all of your devices.

2. Verify that Opus One has permission to use iCloud.

3. Verify you are using the same iCloud account.

1. Subscribe in the "Become a Pro" option.

2. Verify that the subscribe button now says "Subscription is Active" or just "Active"

3. Open Opus One on your other devices, open the "Become a Pro" option, and select the "Restore Purchases" if the subscription is not active.

If you are still having trouble activating the subscription, please send us the following information:

Get the subscription diagnostic information located in the "Become a Pro" option, look for the " i " button. We will need the diagnostics from all of your devices, please specify when sending the info to which one it belongs to.