If your Opus One Apps are not playing nice between them, here is a step by step on how to correct common scenarios:

Opus One uses an "Universal Subscription" allowing users to subscribe in one platform and being able to use the same subscription on the other platform, without purchasing another. Due to some technical restrictions, we made some important changes to the way we save and process this info. 

NOTE: We ask please to create a backup in order not to lose information when you perform any of the passages that we will show below.

1. Make sure you have Opus One for iOS and Opus One for Mac updated. We strongly recommend to update your Opus One to the last version available in the App Store.

2. Make sure all your devices are logged in to iCloud and that Opus One has permission to use it on all devices.

In order to do that, please follow the steps below:

On iOS: Go to Settings>Select your Apple ID>iCloud.

Make sure Opus One is active.

On Mac: Go to "System Preferences">Apple ID> iCloud Drive Options

Make sure Opus One is active.

3. Try to remember where did you originally purchased your subscription, if for example it was on Opus One for Mac, you need to first activate that before activating the other Opus One on the other platform.

4. Make sure the Cloud is active in your Opus One

If you are on Mac:

If you are on iOS:

5) Open Opus One on your other devices, open the "Become a Pro" option, and select the "Restore Purchases" if the subscription is not active.

If they are still not syncing please contact us! We can help!